Trending Wedding Jewellery: Young Brides Prefer Silver Fashion Rings

So you’re thinking of getting married? The whole family is giving suggestions for your wedding jewellery, saris, lehengas and other wedding related purchases. But we are sure you have different ideas! Silver fashion rings are being preferred by girls about to be engaged or to be married. Most brides- to- be have to wear heavy silver or gold jewellery according to their traditions even during the rituals that are conducted before marriage.

A green garnet ring with diamond accent is perfect to wear with emerald coloured sarees, ghagra cholis and salwar suits. Make a contrast effect by pairing it with a chocolate coloured silk kota saree. Contrasted sarees with pink & blue colour schemes will set off a subtle and elegant Chocolate Diamond Ring in 14k pink gold. Rare champagne coloured diamonds were not viewed favourably by Indian jewellers and consequently, the average Indian diamond buyer too thought it wasn’t a good investment. But there’s more to jewellery than just a ‘good’ investment. Unlike our parents’ and grandparents’ generations we have other investment options not only pure gold or silver jewellery.

Silver fashion rings are stylish and offer you many different ways of expressing yourself. They free you from wearing cumbersome and heavy jewellery that invariably get caught in clothing or in someone’s hair. Traditional wedding jewellery is so bright and festive, yet overwhelming. Many parents of the bride wince when the happy occasion of their daughter’s marriage is being planned.

Wedding jewellery need not be expensive but it should be attractive and allow the bride to look and feel her best on her wedding day. It should emphasis the bride’s personal style and taste. A cheap diamond necklace in 14k Yellow and White Gold worn against a pink or magenta saree or a bridal lehenga will give the bride’s outfit sophisticated elegance.

Got a deep neck line at the back & don’t want any distract bows or attachments, but don’t know how to fill in the gap? Then simply wear a back necklace like the one Jennifer Lawrence wore at the 2013 Oscars. A 14k white gold diamond necklace with an extremely long pendant will give an aristocratic touch to your reception outfit. Wear your hair up and plait a slim 14K white gold diamond necklace through your hair-do. A dashing and sophisticated effect for a modern bride!

Most of the wedding jewellery that parents prefer to gift their daughters is ‘locker jewellery’ that cannot be worn regularly or kept at home securely. Silver fashion rings or fashionable bridal diamond necklaces from online gemstone jewellery shops with European jewels are less expensive yet can be worn on a daily basis.

Many traditional wedding jewellery can’t be worn to a small gathering or to a simple ceremony like attending a friend’s house-warming function. They may have planned an intimate gathering and invited you as a best friend. Imagine landing up in your bridal finery & everyone else there is dressed simply! You will definitely feel out of place.

To solve this sort of situation, simply wear a couple of colourful yet elegantly sophisticated silver fashion rings, pair them with a pair of diamond hoops or studs earrings, with a fashion silver necklace. You’ll look artless, yet be dressed fashionably.


Silver Bracelets & Necklaces are Trending!

Do you prefer silver jewellery over gold or platinum? Silver is a majestic metal worn by royalty even in ancient times. It is highly ductile & was preferred by ancient royal artisans for use as jewellery. Though silver tarnishes when exposed to ozone, modern mining and purification techniques enable jewellery designers to use silver as jewellery without long term tarnishing. Silver is malleable, though slightly harder than gold, making it the ideal choice for handcrafted jewellery even in modern times.

Silver bracelets are the latest Must- Have fashion statement that lets you show off your style quotient without spending too much money. Modern techniques including rhodium plating, ensures that the 925 silver remains untarnished and lustrous as new for decades to come. Most Indian wedding rings are made from 22k gold, platinum wedding bands are still seen as a premium luxury with no real worth. If you really want the lustrous effect of platinum without the expensive bill, then opt for white gold or silver wedding rings.

Most Indian wedding rings are worn on special occasions or while going out. If you’re tempted to wear your silver or white gold wedding rings at home, while doing your housework, the chemicals and detergents will damage the polishing on your silver or white gold wedding rings.

Autumn/ Winter 2013 Fashion Shows in Paris, New York & Mumbai have shown a marked trend towards silver bracelets with blingy white zircons. Imported from Europe & North America, these white & coloured zircons bring down the cost of the silver bracelets, earrings and pendants, while retaining their scintillating, diamond-like quality.

If you’re starting out on your first job & want to gift your sisters & mother a pair of diamond earrings or platinum & diamond necklace, but you just found out how expensive it is, go in for silver bracelets with white cubic zircons instead. The highly polished Sterling Silver gives an impression of lustrous platinum- we’re so sure of the quality that the Silver is backed by a 10 year warranty.

Our silver Indian wedding rings are made to international standards as well, with 925 parts silver and 75 copper, which gives the silver an eternal shine. Expanding your silver jewellery collection to satisfy, and including a lot more in-house brands and signature collections delivers a sense of exclusiveness to your ensemble.

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