I am a Feminist

Yes, I am and so are you. If you have property in your name- a house, a bank account, a vehicle or even a home loan in your name- then you are a feminist. The whole bra- burning ‘thing’ that we Asians (yep, THEY don’t know the difference between Indians, Pakistanis or Bangladeshis) loathe & abhor is a purely Western cultural element we can never understand- as we never wore corsets that made us look like hideous Barbies or were restrained by chastity belts.

Where am I going with this ramble? Because I find a lot of Indian women saying they’re not feminists, but they get ready to go out & vote, buy a two-wheeler or car or even get their hubbies to book the flat/house in both their names. Take all this away- and what will you be? The legal properties of your fathers, husbands, and sons. Take a step back from the laws of Manu- I am assuming he wrote his laws when his nation was in a lot of turmoil & lawlessness abounded. So he may have taken the step to put helpless females in the care of their menfolk- or it might be a clever ploy to make ½ the population useless & powerless- we can interpret it any way we want.

But all these women who insist they aren’t feminists- will they be happy without the ability to go where they want & when? How about all those women who learnt to drive 2-wheelers to take their kids to school & back- you think you want to be stuck at home forever- until the man of the house came & let you out?

You claim to look down on ‘modern’ women who are actually fighting for your rights too. If some women a 100 years ago hadn’t fought for women’s suffrage- then we wouldn’t have learnt to read, write & be educated- or have legal rights over our children. Come to think of it, women still don’t get any rights over their kids if they’re booted out of their husbands’ houses. How about the right to walk about late at night? You’re not a feminist- so you blame a hapless girl who trusted someone looked like someone from a similar socio-economic order/class/background. And died a brutal & long-drawn out death.

Getting back to the bra-burning issue- do you want to go back to the days of our great grand-mothers who didn’t know what supporting hosiery was? That’s brassieres to the rest of us. They couldn’t out in public- that would include the small outings you take with your family to the cinema hall or the park or the small restaurant every once in a while. The concept of purdah or seclusion was popular in even in the Medieval Western World in various ways.

It’s unfinished… I will continue my rant next week….


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